Who We Are

We Are a Team of Planners and Makers

We are a driven, energized, enthusiastic team of planners and makers, providing premier services elevating your success.

Alejandra "Ale" Garcia

Scheduling Director

A diligent observer of results, production and value. Gathers performance data, statistics, strategies and the details for the competitive edge. Scheduling coach and in your corner 24/7. Creates the virtual workspace of dreams that allows others to thrive and succeed. Fierce mother of two little girls. Wife/support vehicle driver to her cyclist husband. A Flamenco dancer to the local aficionados.

Angela Williams

Scheduler Coordinator

Married to her best friend. Young mom to 3 old kids. Jesus freak. Her heart belongs to all the above. Loves to cook and laugh and be outside, to paint and do makeup and hang with friends. Texas girl. 80’s baby. Loves her job. Passionate. Driven. Dedicated. Happy.

Andrea Spiskey

Account Director

Always looks to see the good in the world. A wife and mom. Has a deep passion for helping others. Began her career working in Sales and Marketing, ensuring customer vacation dreams became a reality. Strives to provide exceptional service to elevate businesses. Enjoys family, dreaming about that next vacation, and spreading joy to others, one kind act at a time.

Week after week, we increase your connectivity with your clients, expanding and deepening your client base, propelling your success.

Becky Rountree

Senior Operations Manager

Born and raised small town Oregon girl.  Surrounded by dual screen monitors, Excel & Quickbooks. My two greatest blessings in life call me Mom.  Lover of sports, travel, adventure and smiles. Thankful, grateful & blessed.

Ginger Jones

Scheduler Development

Wife. Mom. Lover of coffee. Born and raised Oregonian. Nurturer. Quilter wannabe. Inner-hippie shows up in home décor and dress. Loves to write about stuff. Favorite get-away = wherever it’s green and the air is fresh. Encourager, team advocate, and champion of work family via support.

Jennifer "Jen" Matson

Training Director

Southern California native. Straight shooter, no-nonsense kind of gal. Mom of two teens, two fur babies, married to an endless dreamer. Enjoys exploring new places, but happiest when sitting outside by the firepit with a glass of wine. Tough exterior, but a softy at heart. Sets the bar high but will be the biggest cheerleader along the way.

And we bring heart to that hustle, because understanding and responsiveness is how we roll.

Kelli Allen

Account Director

Born and raised in SoCal. Envious of seasons but would be lost livin’ above or below 75. Couldn’t imagine doing life without her husband. The dog runs the show. No shame in admitting to being OCD, a lover of lists and all things organized. Can’t say no to Mexican food, travel, or an opportunity to take accountability. Tends to lead, not to follow. Loves black and white, learning to accept the gray.

Kristi Thorpe

Marketing Specialist

Loving wife to the man of her dreams. Devoted mom to 3 AMAZING daughters… and 2 spoiled dogs. Born in the country, surviving in the city. Paragon Planners veteran. Loves exploring and finding beauty while making memories with her family… especially where sand is involved. Enjoys coffee in the morning and coffee in the evening in her backyard oasis. Delights in reading, decorating, crafting, chocolate with peanut butter… or caramel, pizza and sushi.

Lisa Shafer

Executive Assistant

Setting and achieving goals is her drive.  Cutting waste and finding efficiency is a must. Research and lists geek. Tends to be an observer of people and thrives in leadership roles. Enjoys encouraging and growing people. A beach and mountain lover living in the Midwest.  Continually writing her fairy tale with three amazing kiddos and soul mate, which she was lucky enough to meet at 8 years old.  You’ll find her at the ballfields on the weekends.  Loves sushi, fitness, sports, hiking and exploring the world around us.

Every scheduling goal we set, territory we understand, marketing service we create, expense report we process or call we place on behalf of our clients is the result of our team working together to make each other’s ideas stronger.

Marsha Henderson

Account Director

Passionate about delivering platinum level services. Strategizes to magnify brand awareness, generate leads, and sets the gears in motion to drive business for clients. A wife, Boy Mom, and self-proclaimed home cook extraordinaire. Enjoys the great outdoors, the beach, gardening, and of course, whipping up gourmet meals for her family.

Michelle Allen

Business Development

Family loving, friendship cherishing, baby snuggling, dog owning, cross fitting, hardworking, coffee drinking, wine sipping, sun soaking, strong and confident woman. Productive, organized and handles what comes her way each and every day.

Raul Villanueva

Human Resources Director

Living in rural NorCal means three cars at a light, wildlife views from the backyard, and watching the night sky fill with stars while chilling and grilling with friends and loved ones. Approach to life is reflected in his approach to HR: “Building an HR context based on meaningful work that thrives because we tap and foster our passion and compassion. Metrics can point the way, but only people can tell the story.”

That happens here because every one of us strives toward a common goal — creating the best customer experiences.

Riana Fisher

Database and IT Director

Spreadsheet, map and virus wrangler. A California native and lover of animals, old houses and old movies. Dog mom of three, although is always open for more. Wife to a writer and independent filmmaker. Enjoys hiking but is afraid of heights.

Shani Lee

Human Resources

Wife, Mother and East Coast Florida resident. Champions perspective-based solutions for all matters work and life – We’re in this together! Connoisseur of life and all things joyful. Adventurous soul that craves travel, culture and the arts. Often spotted taking a fitness class, at a local theater or trying new restaurants (but no seafood- thanks!) during down time.

Vanessa Ouellette

Account Director

Motto is “Win the Day!” Clients are not a number, but a true business partner. Strong advocate of real time communication and hitting goals together as a team. Stays in front of business needs. Know that your team is #1 in her book! Soccer fields, dance performances, or at the Taekwondo ring with one of her 4 children is where you will find her. Ventures out of to her favorite sushi spot quite frequently with her husband.

We are better together!

Cheryl Learfield


Managing Director

Everything is achievable. Sprints to change with wide open arms. No one is a stranger. Simplify and less is more. Native Oregonian who shuns an umbrella. Seasoned mom to 3 persevering guys. A devoted grandmother to one little girl that rocks her world. Landlord to dogs and horses. Happiest when working on “what’s next” with her husband.

Pacific NW Team

Grass roots. All about local and seasonal. Land of natural beauty. Voodoo Doughnuts. Professional, charming, and proud. Driven to succeed. Do not look for praise, however, watch them shine with acknowledgement! Fun and fabulous – they make it happen.

Teams Not pictured: Southwest, Texas, Mid-West, Southeast, Northeast

Trina Gardner


Chief Executive Officer

Limitless possibilities. Empowering others. Level-headed calm. Proficient with chopsticks. Oregon rain runs in her blood. “We’re just gonna figure it out.” Husband is soulmate and partner on this journey. Three inspiring people’s mom. Chips and salsa every day. Best medicine is walking and clean eating. Australia, nature, travel and friends bring a smile to any day. Love.

Our Mission…

  • Provide Premier Services to Elevate Success

Our Values…

  • Integrity: Honoring your word. Do what you say and say what you will do!
  • Truthfulness: Care personally and challenge directly, immediate, kind and clear, specific and sincere.
  • Positive Intentions: We assume that every person means well and has positive intent behind what they say and do, that decisions are made with the best intentions, and that we are all doing the best we can.
  • Positive Expectations: We get more of what we focus on, so we focus on what we want. Expect Success, then work like there is no other option.
  • Respectful Partnerships: We treat everyone with respect and dignity. We create a safe and respectful environment – a place that values what each of us can bring to the table.
  • We offer one level of service – Excellent: We are passionate and driven to bring our best in all we do.

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