What would it be like…

…to dominate at work AND have time to spend doing what you love outside of work?

…to open your calendar on Sunday and see your next week full of appointments?

…to have your prospects called and emailed, knowing they will be scheduled to meet or a follow up is coordinated?

…to maximize exposure to you and your brand within your territory?

…to streamline your travel plans, reduce drive times and maximize your face to face time?

…to have your best intentions put into action: thank you notes, birthday greetings, life events and special relationship building acknowledgments ordered/sent, production thank yous, holiday cards all sent with your signature and personal message?

…to have your events planned, well attended and followed up?

…to have your expense reports submitted and processed each week?

…to build stronger relationships with your clients by adding one more point of contact and personality to your team?

…to see that meeting on your calendar with a game changing client?

Whether you are new to your territory or practice, gaining momentum or running full-stride, we have a service for you!

Territory Management

Are you running your territory or is your territory running you?

We create a very detailed Territory Analysis from your territory reports, Focus Lists, Top Producer/Prospect list and any other metrics available, by assigning everyone to Zones/Subzones using zip codes.

We can also create a rotation using the Territory Analysis based on sales/opportunity percentages, prospect and producer counts, your travel preferences, and your work-life balanced with your personal life. It is not cookie cutter, but rather, specific to you. If you have a current rotation you are using, comparing this proposed rotation can provide insight and can be merged for optimization.

We minimize your drive times, minimize our mapping time, and ensure we get you and keep you in front of the right advisors.

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Scheduling and Appointment Setting

Get in front of and stay in front of key advisors. Increase number of meetings with clients, increase brand exposure through volume of outbound calls, penetrate your territory and find new producers, concentrate and streamline travel to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Build stronger relationships with clients by adding one more point of contact and personality to the team.

What we do: We provide clear transparency of work through weekly call reports. We breakdown a territory geographically by zip codes, advisors, and ranking to calculate a rotation that promotes a full calendar supported by numbers. We work within tight, defined subzones we have created within your zones to minimize drive times and produce more time in front of clients.

  • You will not be spending time training your scheduler, because we have a very strategic training program in place. Every Regional Scheduler graduates from our Scheduling 101 program.
  • You will not only have a scheduler joining your team, you will have the additional support of your Paragon Account Director.

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We customize services based on your needs. Our programs and ideas are generated from Gift-ology by John Ruhlin, “The Art and Science of Using Gifts” to Cut Through the Noise, Increase Referrals, and Strengthen Client Retention.

Ideas for you: Prospects to Producers Programs, New Client Kits, Thank you cards, Thank you gifts, Clever door openers and touches, Birthday and Anniversary recognition, Holiday cards, Gift ordering/mailing, and Life event cards/gifts.

We work to ensure your programs are executed to engage your clients and are compliance approved.

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Event Planning and Calling

Leverage your time and create excitement in your territory by hosting rounds of events within each of your major areas. Make your events count. Host a well-planned, smoothly executed and well-followed up event. Bring in maximum RSVPs and get 80% of those RSVPs to attend. Plan ahead and stick to a timeline to get the most from each event

  • Venue Planning: negotiations, menu selection, equipment & layout requirements
  • Materials ordering
  • Fund partner support coordination
  • Budget planning
  • Post-event follow-up
  • Invitations
    • Create, send via email and/or hard copy
    • Personal follow up phone call
      RSVP tracking
    • We work with marketing and compliance to ensure appropriate corporate image and branding for all email and hard copy materials

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Admin/Operations Support

Our administrative support services focus on providing any support needed big or small. We offer the below services, and we can also customize services based on your needs

  • Expense report processing
  • Personal appointments booked – tee times, doctor appointments or haircuts
  • Client appointments booked
  • Travel or hotel booking
  • Clerical tasks: Create reports, PowerPoint presentations, letters, spreadsheets, etc…
  • Gift buying
  • Custom mailers
  • Track expenses for budget

Keep your Database and Focus List up to date.

  • Merge new contact lists into current databases
  • Identify Top Producers
  • Eliminate duplicates
  • Update Zones with new contacts
  • Obtain and update important information regarding your clients to develop more personal relationships (birthdates, anniversaries, hobbies, etc…)

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Virtual Assistant

Are you managing your practice or is your practice managing you? You have ideas and plans that will take your business to the next level, if only you could execute them fully… or you are executing them fully, and you are left with no time for your personal life. We can match you with a Virtual Assistant who will join your team and immediately create more time for you.

You delegate a task and your VA is on it!

  • Email management
  • Social media posts on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Client note management/cleanup
  • Calendar management
  • Personal assistant
  • Manage LinkedIn page
  • Plan and manage client events
  • Order gifts for clients
  • Mass mailings
  • Submit compliance for approval
  • Build new client profiles in CRM (including Redtail)
  • Works with compliance to gain approvals for social media posts/giveaways

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