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Whether you are new to your territory or practice, gaining momentum or running full-stride, we have a service for you!

Scheduling & Appointment Setting

  • Increase number of meetings with clients
    • Schedulers set an average of 18-22 appointments per week
  • Increase brand exposure through volume of outbound calls
    • Schedulers place a minimum of 200 outbound calls per week
  • Stay in front of key people
  • Increase amount of time available to build client relationships
  • Build stronger relationships with clients by adding one more point of contact and personality to the team
  • Refine and implement territory management
    • Tighten your zones
    • Establish loops
    • Follow rotations
    • Penetrate your territory and find new producers
    • Concentrate and streamline travel to reduce costs and time
    • Our professional analysts work with you to plan zones/rotations to leverage your time and strategically meet your goals