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Whether you are new to your territory or practice, gaining momentum or running full-stride, we have a service for you!

Event Planning

  • Leverage your time and create excitement in your territory by hosting rounds of events within each of your major zones. Make your events count. Host a well-planned, smoothly executed event.
  • Bring in maximum RSVPs and get 80% of those RSVPs to attend
  • Plan ahead and stick to a timeline to get the most from each event
    • Venue Planning: negotiations, menu selection, equipment & layout requirements
    • Materials ordering
    • Invitations
      • Create, send via email and/or hard copy
      • Personal follow up phone call
      • RSVP tracking
      • We work with marketing and compliance to ensure appropriate corporate image and branding for all email and hard copy materials.
    • Fund partner support coordination
    • Budget planning
    • Post-event follow-up