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“I have been scheduling for 7 years with my wholesaler. Working with my wholesaler to build and maintain successful relationships is a weekly reward. I look forward to my interactions with his clients and their offices. Building relationships has led to the ease of setting appointments. It brings me great satisfaction every week to fill his calendar with top clients and be part of a successful team!”

Amber Prator

Regional Scheduler

“I have had the pleasure of working for all of my wholesalers for many years.  During that time, calling on the same territory has enabled me to build a great rapport with the advisors and their assistants. It’s nice to have a connection, maybe ask about a recent holiday they have taken or to see how the new grandchild is doing. Those little interactions definitely make the day more enjoyable for me and help to get on calendars.  My wholesalers are the best and I feel very blessed to work with them. They have always made me feel like I was part of a team and an integral part of their successes!”

Sheridan Pieragostini

Regional Scheduler

“I love my job with Paragon Planners because of the amazing life work balance it provides. The daily satisfaction I get knowing I have a vast team of support at my fingertips from individuals who truly make me feel valued and appreciated.”

Jason Keller

Regional Scheduler

“I have worked for Paragon Planners for 3 years now, and I have never found a more caring, supportive company!  Not only do we enjoy a flexible schedule, allowing for home/work balance, but the actual support of the management team has always been spectacular.  This company says they care, and then they show they care, and then continue to care about every member of their team.  I couldn’t be happier!”

Scott Hoffman

Regional Scheduler / Web Designer

“I have been part of the Paragon Planners Family for the past 8 years, and it’s been a great fit for me! I have made some great friendships among the staff at Paragon, as well as, my wholesalers that I partner with. My wholesalers have communicated to me that I am a huge part of their success, and that they couldn’t do it without me. I contribute my success to the incredible support system I have on my Paragon team! I’m forever grateful for this opportunity to work with Paragon!”

Robin Eberly

Regional Scheduler

“Working at Paragon Planners has allowed me to take my disciplined nature and implement it into the financial industry! During my three years at Paragon, I’ve experienced beneficial growth in professionalism, relationship building, and work-life balance.  “

Alex Mitchell

Regional Scheduler

“I am a valuable member of successful teams. The services I provide for my wholesalers are invaluable to them. It is so nice to hear them say, “I really couldn’t do this job without you. Thank you so much for everything you do.”

Kristi Thorpe

Regional Scheduler / Marketing Specialist

“Working virtually can start out a bit overwhelming, however, Paragon Planners support staff do a wonderful job of training and supporting you every step of the way. My success feels like their main goal and that makes all difference.”

Timberley Christie

Regional Scheduler

“What I love most about working with Paragon Planners is the incredible flexibility I have with my weekly schedule. For the first time in my career I am able to have tremendous balance between work and home life. I’m able to give time and attention to my family and have time for self-care. I love my job!”

Kristal Cozine

Regional Scheduler

“I am proud to be a member of the Paragon Planners team. I know that I’m part of a high-quality organization that prides itself on stellar service to its wholesalers, and knowing that I live up to that high standard every day makes me enjoy my work and the connections I make with the financial and administrative professionals I reach out to. I love being able to call areas around the country and establish friendly rapport with the business people I contact, and it’s rewarding to see my wholesalers doing well and ranking high in the industry as a result of my work. Plus, with the flexible schedule and the amazing supervisory staff at Paragon, I couldn’t ask for a better organization to work for!”

Tiffany Scott

Regional Scheduler

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